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Ottawa After School Programs And Tutoring Are Becoming More Popular Due To Continual Budget Cutting In Public Schools

After School Programs in Ottawa

After School Programs Are Becoming Very Popular

The number of programs including after school programs that are being fazed out in the public school system is alarming especially in the arts, technology, and sports fields. In Nova Scotia for example, the provincial government has just released new budget cuts as of December 11, 2011. In Edmonton, the Catholic School Board announced that it will eliminate hundreds of jobs effective September 2011. The list goes on. Educating our children should be our priority, yet education is not considered a priority by our governments.

It’s amazing at the number of subjects that are being eliminated from today’s school curriculum. Many school boards have eliminated computers, for example, and rely solely on the classroom teacher to provide computer education. If the teacher is computer illiterate, however, the students will remain computer illiterate unless you consider being an expert at playing computer games as being computer savvy.

Another problem with school curricula is they tend to be out of date. Teachers are teaching the same old lessons that were taught decades earlier. Today’s public school subjects are getting stale, or should I say they are stale, and no longer meet today’s needs in education.

Emerging Private Tutoring After School Programs

The good news is that private after school programs are taking their place and providing high quality programs that would meet and exceed Government Ministry standards. Some of these after school activities include: martial arts, acting programs taught by professional actors, music taught by professional musicians, robotics, and other interesting programs that suit the individual child’s interests and academic needs.

Unfortunately, these terrific after school programs and many others are mostly being offered by the private sector. There is a cost involved; however, the cost is well worth the quality of education being offered by professional people in their field. The diligent parent on a budget can choose an after school program that best suits the talents and interests of their child, and not have their child be subjected and presented with programs and lessons of which they have little or no interest.

It’s Easy To Find After School Programs and Tutoring In Your Area

After school programs are becoming more and more popular, and it’s just a matter of finding out which after school programs are being offered in your location. A good way to start looking is by searching on the Internet. Just type into the your favourite search engine’s search box the activity or program you wish to find and include the location such as the city or town where you live. You’re sure to find several after school programs and tutoring services that suit your needs.